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For an Artist and her Studio

May this space welcome you. May you find solitude and unexpected visitors. May you open your hands  to receive the gifts that will be given to you. May this space hold you. May these walls bear witness to the dance of your spirit. May the floor beneath you ground your vitality and may you be ever more deeply rooted to the voice who calls you by name. May this space challenge you to newness, discomfort and growth. In the time of your need when doubt and loneliness are your companions, when you are unable to shape word or substance or thought, may you enter a place of compassion for yourself and for all who are voiceless. May this space nurture you and may you feel the delight of creation . May this space send you into the world in peace. And may you bear beauty wherever you walk and may you leave behind goodness as you live into your vocation. May you feel the joy of the universe. ----------------------

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